Brand: Capristo

Product Description

430 Challenge Complete Sport System

This exhaust has been designed by Capristo to maximize the effectiveness of the 430 challenge engine.

This is a complete system change and the OEM catalysts can not be used with this rear assembly. The headers are fully compatible with the OEM catalysts and OEM silencer.

In the package

Set of Capristo Sports headers
Set of Muffled Header Back Pipes or Straight Pipes (-$300.00)
Super lightweight rear system
Spring mounting bracket
Full set of heat shields
The advantages of using the Capristo Full Race Exhaust are as follows;

• Light Weight

The Capristo exhaust weighs in at a mere 44Lbs.(20Kg) whereas the original 430 Challenge exhaust weighs 82Lbs.(37Kg) We have cut half the weight from the exhaust and increased performance.

• Better Flow

Our exhaust has a much better flow than that of the original. Starting with a 4-2-1 header and leading back to our high flow pipes, you will see an overall increase in torque and a drastic increase in the low to midrange power band where most power is needed. Also, the internal design of the test-pipe is flat and smoothed to keep from hindering heat and gas flow.

• Strength

flex has been induced to critical points to prevent stress and heat damage.
Spring Loaded, sliding mount brackets take stress off of the exhaust during expansion and contraction.

• Heat Shields Included

We have included the highly effective heat shields to protect your car from heat soaking,damage, and radiant heat in the engine bay.
Using these heat shields allows cooler intake airflow to the air box which makes for a better,cooler environment for electronics and overall reliability.

• Improved safety

Heat shields prevent leaking fluids from coming in contact with hot exhaust components that may lead to fire hazards.


It is important to note that the nuts fastening these headers should not
be torqued over 24 Nm or 17.5 foot pounds.

This applies to the OEM headers as well as the Capristo headers.
Over tightening will lead to stud failure and/or cylinder head damage.
Hot, leaking exhaust gas can damage other parts or cause a fire.