Capristo's design, production & testing proceedure

1. LASER-SUPPORTED MEASUREMENT with Capristo's use of a 3D laser scanner which creates a 3D picture of the car without touching it. This serves as a starting basis for the development of the prototype on the computer.

2. DATA PREPARATION — Capristo's scanned data is prepared, cleaned, and exported ​in such a way that these can be further processed using their CAD-Software to give the parameters for the new Capristo exhaust.

3. CAD CONSTRUCTION OF THE SYSTEM — A virtual system is constructed which serves as the basis for the data to be constructed for Capristo's in-house production in order to begin with the manufacture of the prototype aftermarket exhaust system.

​One or more of the luxury exhaust system prototypes are tested and enhanced until a perfect result is achieved.

5. COMPLETION ​The finished construction of the Capristo exhaust system is now ready for serial-production and will now be produced based on the existing and precise guidelines. CNC-bending and milling, as well as other modern technology, guarantee the continuous quality at the highest standards for every aftermarket exhaust system we produce.


View or Download Capristo CES 3 remote contol

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