Our Warranty

CAPRISTO® guarantees its exhausts for a total period of 3 years as long as your CAPRISTO® Exhaust was purchased directly via CAPRISTO® authorized reseller. Product Warranties are not transferable. Warranty is limited to the exchange or repair of the defective part, and not the entire exhaust, unless needed the entire exhaust is defective which is very unlikely.
Transportation costs and labor as well as other claims for compensation for damages are not part of our guarantee.
All our sports exhaust systems are designed on the basis of serial cars. Power enhancements, turbocharger modifications or other changes in design, which entail an increase in emission temperatures, may alter your CAPRISTO® Exhaust, hence voiding its warranty. Any modifications on our products without consulting us before, result in an immediate expiration of our warranty.
BEWARE: Customers who did not purchase a Capristo® product from an Authorized Dealer could be buying a counterfeit or damaged product. ONLY BUY FROM CAPRISTO® OR AN AUTHORIZED DEALER.