Interested In Ferrari Capristo Exhaust ? We Probably Know Why

Most of the people who end up buying our aftermarket exhaust systems have worked hard for years, or maybe even decades, before they can purchase a luxury or performance vehicle on which to put it. But all that time they’ve probably been thinking about the make of vehicle that they’re waiting to purchase as soon as their bank account says “go.” Many of our customers who grew up in the mid 1980s are just now getting to that point in their lives where they can finally get the car they’ve always wanted, so they’re finally able to put their dream cars in the garage.

Sometimes the draw toward a certain brand of vehicle comes from a childhood toy. Maybe your favorite Matchbox car was a Jaguar E type, and a love of Jaguars was born. Or perhaps your parents bought you the Transformer named Jazz and you loved the curves so much that you were a Porsche fan for life. 

But while toys can be a determiner of which Capristo exhaust system you’ll be needing, they usually can’t compare to the influence that television and movies have on the minds of a young car enthusiast. Let’s take a look at why someone who grew up in the 1980s might have had Ferrari’s on the brain.

Maybe You Were A Fan of Miami Vice
Miami Vice ran for five seasons between 1985 and 1989, introducing the television world to the idea of wet-street night driving just because it looks cool. The series actually used two different Ferrari models as the protagonist’s primary vehicle, the  1972 Ferrari Daytona Spyder 365 GTS/4 and the iconic 1986 Testarossa. 

Well, they kind of used a Spyder 365. The vehicles used were actually two replicas that were kits built over Corvette chassis. Ferrari was not happy and sued the manufacturer of the kits for trademark violation. Still, because the body stylings were the same, it certainly got people interested in Spyders.

Miami Vice had no interesting in being involved in the lawsuit in any way, so they proposed a win-win with Ferrari. They would destroy the Spyder as part of Miami Vice’s storyline, and in turn Ferrari would provide two brand new Testarossas, the company's new flagship, to be promoted on one of America's most iconic shows. There was also a third “Testarossa” build on a De Tomaso Pantera chassis and used as the stunt car.

Maybe You Were A Fan of Magnum, P.I.
As many people know, Tom Selleck was originally offered the role of Indiana Jones, but he was under contract to CBS forMagnum. P.I. So while he might not have become the iconic movie character, he did become an iconic television character and drove around O’ahu, Hawaii for eight seasons in a Ferrari 308 GTS. Considering Indiana Jones spent a lot of time in the desert, perhaps Tom Selleck did alright be relaxing in a tropical paradise for so long!

Technically, he drove around the island in eight different 308’s. The producers always wanted him to be in the latest and greatest performance car once the car became so popular, so they would purchase a new model every year and auction off the previous one. In season one he drove a 1979 308 GTS, then five new 308 GTSi for seasons two through six, and then two highly-sought-after 308 GTSi QV for seasons seven and eight. 

Maybe You Were A Fan Of The Cannonball Run
The Cannonball Run wasn’t a great movie, but it was pretty fun as far as early 1980’s comedies go. Riding high from the breakout hit Smokey and the Bandit, Burt Reynolds and Hal Needham turned to cars once again and made a movie about a cross-country race in which the contestants do everything they can to avoid the police in a variety of vehicles. Some drive an ambulance so that they can break the speed limit, while others use a souped-up vehicle to drive without lights at night, using only infrared sensors (that was Jackie Chan in one of his first American movies, by the way). 

The choice for Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr. to drive a Ferrari GTS was most likely influenced by Magnum, P.I.’s use of the vehicle, because by that time the television show was already a hit. (Both Ferraris were red, but that’s not really a surprise.) 

Maybe Your Were a Fan of National Lampoon's Vacation
Cars are nice, but put a beautiful woman in one and it’s sure to make the scene more iconic. In this 1983 film starring Chevy Chase on a cross-country drive with his family, Christie Brinkley keeps distracting Chase as she drives her (you guessed it) brand new Ferrari 308 GTS. Brinkley returned driving a Ferrari Mondial in the much less popular Vegas Vacation14 years later. And speaking of the Mondial...

Maybe Your Were a Fan of Weird Science
While it wasn’t a breakout hit, this 1985 film holds a special place in the hearts of those who know and love it. Not only does it feature a great song by Oingo Boingo, but it was also one of the first comedies ever rated PG-13. It also features the Ferrari Mondial, conjured into existence by the supernatural female lead. The Mondial was also seen in Madonna’s “Material Girl” that same year.

Maybe You Were A Fan of Ferris Bueller's Day Off
You didn’t think we were going to write an article about Ferraris in the ‘80s and not talk about this iconic vehicle, did you? Ferris convinces Cameron to borrow the insanely beautiful 1961 250 GT Spyder California so that they can go joy riding. (“If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.”) 

There are about 100 Spyder Californias in the world, and after the movie made them so popular they have since sold for over $15,000,000. For close-up shots, the movie used a real Spyder. For outside shots, they used a fiberglass-body replica build around an MG. This is the one that was used in the car jump scene and ended up with a cracked body and crushed exhaust. The other replica built was the one that ended up crashing through the glass garage at the end of the film. So even if you love Spyder Californias, you don’t have to be too sad at the end of the movie since it was just a replica. 

While we don’t have Ferrari exhaust systems for the older cars mentioned mentioned above, we do have have them for the 308’s successor the 328, as well 12 more Ferrari performance exhausts that will make your vehicle sound the way you want it to. If your interest in the entertainment above started with your lifelong love of Ferraris and have since had the chance to purchase an Enzo or a modern California, check out your options in Ferrari Capristo exhausts right here.